September 26, 2008

Wakie Wakie!

So, Ellis makes me laugh. A lot. All the time. But I still think that the funniest things he says are when he is still asleep. The problem is that if I laugh at the time, he wakes up a little bit and his feelings get hurt. So this morning, I worked really hard to keep it together. And as I am typing this, I am having my first chuckle over it. He is just so cute I can't stand it!

Since it is Friday, Ellis is off from work. So we both get to sleep in.... I get to sleep until about 6:45 and he gets to sleep until I turn on the Today show. Well, my alarm had gone off and I had pressed the snooze button. Ellis turned over and cuddled with me. Then he said, "It is like cartoons." Since I love talking to him when he is asleep just to see what he says back to me, I replied, "Huh?"

"Like cartoons. Bugs Bunny."

"Bugs Bunny?" I asked.

"With a cigar. Stripes like a cigar."

"Are you saying that I have marks from the sheets" (You know what I am talking about, right?)


"Guns?" Huh? What the?

"Guns, guns, guns."

In my mind I was imagining Looney Toons characters. The ones who shoot the guns and a little flag pops out.

Since I couldn't make any sense out of what he was saying, I didn't ask any more questions. Later today I will bring it up and see if he remembers anything about what he was dreaming.

Seriously, that man makes me laugh!!!


I did tell Ellis about "Guns Guns Guns!" and he just laughed. He didn't remember dreaming anything and vaguely remembered saying something to me. He thought it was funny, too!

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