August 2, 2010

Letter to Hattie, age 7 months

Dear Hattie,

Wow! You have been a busy girl! So much has happened since you were born a mere 7 months ago. First, you like to eat. A lot. Around the clock, even. But that is ok, so do I! Second, you are a cuddle bug. You like to be held during naps. And you like to cuddle with Mom and Dad when you sleep at night. Last, you like to get moving! Anytime someone (Mom, Dad, Mimi, GrandBob, Mammie or Aunt Cassie) will hold you up, you want to be standing! And if you can't stand, you want to scoot across the floor on your belly! You get the cutest, most intense little look on your face when you are trying to accomplish this movement. And you say, "Whooo!" It is serious business for a little girl!

I just wanted to list all the things you've done in your seven months:

*Traveled to a lot of places! More than some people, even!
- Nashville
- Denver
- Salt Lake City & Park City
- Florida
- Atlanta
- Alabama
*You flew on an airplane at 3 months
*You have three teeth now

*You say "Mamamama," "Dadada," and "Bababababa"
*You recognize and watch Chewy the Cat

*You know how to rock a pair of leg warmers
*You like to play at GrandBob and Mimi's house

*You LOVE to be out side: in your stroller, in your swing, or in your little pool
*You laugh when we play pick-a-boo. I will put a little burp cloth over your head and say,"Where's Hattie?" When I pull it off, I say, "There she is!!!" And you LOVE it!

*You laugh when Daddy holds you up high in the sky

*You like sweet potatoes and squash. The jury is still out on yogurt and peas
*You sip water through a straw! Well, a little bit, most of it ends up on your clothes

*You scoot around the house and play with your letters on the fridge

So far, Hattie, you have been the most wonderful, marvelous little girl. Thank you! And please keep it up! I don't want to have to give you spankings.

Love, Cuddles, and Kisses,