September 3, 2008

Smooth Move!

I am such a klutz. No really. It is amazing that I have never had a broken bone. I trip, stumble, and sometimes even fall. There was one time I was walking up the steps into my building at work and I stepped on the hem of my long skirt. Face planted right there in front of the double glass doors. That is me. Just call me Grace.

On Saturday Ellis and I were working on our new garage. The problem with buying your parents' old house is that when your husband tells your dad, "Don't worry about cleaning out the garage. There are a lot of treasures in there that I want to sort through." Your dad literally leaves everything for you to sort through. Well, not literally. But a lot of stuff. A lot of cool things like an air filter for your 1977 Jeep that you sold in 1994, your plaque from the time you served in the Post Office Union, the painters hat you got for free when you originally painted the house in 1984.

In addition to all that "cool" stuff, we have been storing about 5 pieces of furniture in the garage. A tall narrow shelf, a buffet, bar stools, a washer, and this other cabinet thing that we used as a book shelf but also doubles as a TV stand thing. So, Ellis and I were carrying it into the house. I was wearing flip flops and going backwards most of the time. It is pretty amazing that I didn't drop the thing on myself.

We brought the book shelf into the house, maneuvered through the kitchen, then decided to take a quick break at the bottom of the stairs. As Ellis was tipping his end up, I was bending over, lowering my end. Then my back cracked. Loud and painfully. Oops. Yes, my back went out! {Insert cheesy old people jokes here.}

I kept hoping that just resting would make a difference. So I spent Sunday on the couch watching stupid movies that were on TV. Too bad I can't have that day back. On Monday (Labor Day), I read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. On Tuesday, it was back to work. And the pain was still there. Definitely not better. Maybe worse. So I decided it was time to go see a doctor. The chiropractor worked on me for about 15 minutes. Then when she was finished, I couldn't get off the table. That is pretty bad. Who knew that those back muscles were the ones that helped you crawl or get up from a laying-on-your-stomach position?

Anyway, so that is my complaining blog. I am still in pain so it is almost all I can think about.

So, how are you? Did you have a good Labor Day weekend? I hope yours was fun and pain free!


Stacy Brown said...

Poor T! Well my Labor Day weekend was almost worse than yours. And since this topic does not meet the posting criteria for either of my blogs, I will happily leave it here.

Hey, you asked.

We were in Texas on our football trip and my lunch on Friday didn't agree with the scorching heat of the stands at the Rice game. Needless to say with my weak constitution, I tossed my cookies. And on the way back to Austin from Houston late that night I told Drew I needed him to pull over. He did so...immediately.

And there I sat in our rented minivan on the very narrow shoulder of the I-10 with a car seat blocking the only safe place to poke out my head. Drew was telling me, "Okay go! There are no cars coming now. Oh wait. Okay NOW!" Who decided minivans should have rear doors on BOTH sides of the vehicle, anyway?! You are correct to assume I was crying hysterically. So Drew pulled back onto the highway and then off at the next exit, which I can only assume is where all of the Houston hospitality industry goes to purchase nasty second hand hotel furnishings. There were no cars and hardly any street lights. With me outside on the curb, Collier and Drew sat entranced by the glow of the laptop in the front seat debating lines and rankings and other things I will never fully understand.

I got back in the car and tried unsuccessfully to pull the door closed. After a second attempt, I crawled into the rear seat and passed out wondering how long they would sit on the side of the road arguing about the Pac 10 and the Big 12 and other conferences that don't matter near as much as the SEC. Unbeknownst to me about a half hour down the road panic broke out. A break in the debate had apparently lasted long enough for them to become aware of their surroundings and the other persons in the car...or more accurately the absense of other persons in the car. They were horrified to see that my seat was empty.

Collier, Drew's default legal council in situations such as this, issued his expert analysis, "You're screwed. She's leaving you and she's getting it all." As Drew fumbled for the interior lights they both remembered the sound of the door closing and then opening again and thought how sickening the thirty minute ride back to the industrial area where I sat abandoned would be. Drew caught sight of me, a nauseous, oblivious lump amidst the free t-shirts, foam fingers and plastic footballs, and drove on. Collier wasn't convinced I was in the car until I emerged in the Homestead Suites parking lot two hours later.

Hope you feel better soon!

Ellis and Tamara said...

Awww Stacy! That is BAD! But, almost worth it to hear the secret mistakes men make and their attempts to fix the situation. I hope you are back to normal now!

Mo said...

Wow. Your story as well as Stacy's reminds my Labor Day wasnt so bad....even though i cleaned out my garage too AND spent time my the parentals!

Hope you are feeling better!!!

Ellis and Tamara said...

Cleaning out the garage is hazardous to your health! I am glad you survived!