September 5, 2008


Our dear friend Jeremy recently came to town for a visit. He and his cousin stayed at our house for a few days. Jeremy lives in Park City, where Ellis spent the winter a year and a half ago. AKB helped to name our "Cleveland-Utah Family" who live in Park City. It was always such a special treat to spend time with Jeremy and his wife and kids.

On this trip, we met Jeremy's cousin, Stephen. He lives in ATL and is an entrepreneur. His wife runs a cupcake store in downtown Atlanta. It is called The Little Cake Bakery. He actually had some cupcakes with him so I was able to have a sample. The Red Velvet was to die for! Yum! I decided right then and there that my next trip to the ATL will HAVE to include a stop!

They have some staple flavors every day: Chocolate on Chocolate, Vanilla on Chocolate, and 14 other combinations of Chocolate and Vanilla. They have Red Velvet every day, too. But they also have some special flavors that rotate through every day: Strawberry, Pinapple Upside Down Cake, Hummingbird, Elvis, Peanut Butter, Lemon Lavendar. They all sound so good!

Check out their website and plan a trip!

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