August 5, 2009

Who is this baby going to be?

The last 5 months have been an adventure, for sure! Partially because I have never been pregnant before. Partially because being pregnant hasn't stopped Ellis and me from doing a lot of fun things. So far, the baby has...

Gone snow skiing..... and had some of the best powder of my life!

Run a half marathon.... ok, so it was a run/walk, but we still finished! Booya!

Cheered Daddy on for his first Muddy Buddy.... and loved every minute of it!

Visited Peggy and Bob in Gatlinburg .... and watched 4th of July fireworks!

Spent two weeks with Cousin Mattie... and had a blast!

Went rafting down the Hiwassee.... not recommended for the faint of heart!

Watched the Chattanooga Lookouts spank the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx.... and sat behind a guy who won a World Series for the Dodgers!

All in all, it has been a great 5 months. Who knows what these little adventures will lead our little baby to do when he or she is older!!

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Mo said...

I love you, baby Humphres, and i havent even met you yet.