July 23, 2009

Baby Bump!

Here I am, 19 weeks along! I am nearly half way! They say that most pregnancies are 40 weeks, but some people do deliver around 36 to 38. So, I am close to the halfway point! It is pretty wild! In some ways, the anticipation makes it go slow, but in other ways, I can't believe that I am considered to be 5 months pregnant (just barely). I don't totally understand the calculations. Some web sites say one thing while another site says something else.

But what I do know is....

When I was getting ready for work this morning, I decided to wear a pair of khaki capris that I haven't worn in two or three weeks. I do remember that the last time I wore them they were a little tight and uncomfortable. I have been wearing lots of cotton dresses and a couple of maternity pants and skirts. So this was the first time in a little while that I tried to put on some regular clothes. I couldn't even zip them up! WHA? I have only gained 2 pounds (according to my last weigh in on the Wii Fit). But my body must be moving those two pounds to one exact place! In all my years of Weight Watchers, I never gained two pounds and clothes didn't FIT. This is totally new to me. Well, all of it is pretty new to me.

On Tuesday, I was wearing a cute little brown dress with an empire waistline. I had more comments that single day about "showing" than I had received so far. At first I was convienced that it was the dress. Then Ellis reminded me.... "You are PREGNANT. You have a BABY inside you. It is not the dress. It is the BABY." Oh, yeah. I forgot!

So, what do you think? Am I showing?


Mo said...

Look at that cute little baby bump!!! I cant wait to see you and your tummy this weekend!

Harriet said...

what a cute picture! I doubt that dress will fit you come Nov or Dec!
This is a note from the grandmother of the baby bump/baby humper!