January 15, 2009


So, I am bad about pictures. Ellis bought me a camera 2 years ago for my birthday and I have never really been a fan of how the pictures turn out. The flash makes everyone look super white. If I don't use the flash, then they are blurry. So, I really don't take pictures. On the other hand, Ellis has this amazing camera with some great lenses. So any picture I take is pitiful compared to his. I ran across these pictures that Ellis took of our nephew when he came to visit for Thanksgiving. He turned 2 at the beginning of November, just a little fellow!

Bathtime baby!! (I love how the water looks in the picture)

Baby Matthew gives Uncle Buddy kisses!! He is so sweet!

We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Baby Matthew loved playing with the little game at the table.

Such a smart little fella!

Then, he decided that he wanted to eat a lemon slice. We must have had a bowl of them on the table. Thank goodness Ellis was able to capture these expressions. They are just great!

That looks REALLY tart! He would take a bite, make the face, then laugh (probably because we were laughing). Then he would take another bite. He must have liked it!

We had a great visit. It was really good to see Ellis's Dad, Cassie, and Baby Matthew!


Grand Pooba said...

Those pics are great! I love he lemon pictures! I too have a horrible camera and I want to get a good one SO bad!

I am so excited to go look at some of your book reviews, I'm always looking for new things to read. You'll have to let me know what you think about Dead Until Dark!

Tamara said...

I am looking forward to a light, fun read. I really liked the HBO series and am expecting the first book to be along those lines. So probably not many surprises, as far as the plot line goes. I think I am going to go ahead and order the boxed set from Amazon so I can just jump right into the next books in the series.

Mo said...

Matthew is so crazy cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath pic and the one of him kissing Uncle Ellis. Too precious.