January 21, 2009

Bruno goes on a Trip

I heard a story about my nephew, Bruno. He is a brown Portuguese Water Dog. He is cute and sweet and active! He lives in Park City with his dad, Rob. Rob likes to take Bruno with him to work sometimes. And while at work, Bruno often roams down the hall to visit another dog who goes to work.

One day recently, Rob noticed that Bruno had been gone for a long time. When he walked down the hall to see if Bruno was playing with his friend, Rob found that Bruno was not there. The lady in that office said that she had not seen him. I can only imagine the panic that Rob must have felt!

He went out of his office, which is at the base of Park City Ski Resort, and started to whistle and call for Bruno. But there was no Bruno. Then Rob started talking to the people at Park City Ski Resort to see if anyone had seen cute, friendly Bruno running around or playing. Finally, he spoke to Ski Patrol and they had a number for two ladies who reported that they found a dog matching Bruno's description.

When Rob called the number, the ladies were skiing but immediately planned a meeting place with Rob. When Rob met up with the ladies, he found out the story of Bruno's adventure!

Apparently, Bruno somehow left the office building (which is also a hotel). Then he proceeded to get on a bus. Yes, a BUS! He road around town for a while. And ended up sitting beside these two ladies. When they got off the bus, the driver told them that dogs weren't allowed on the buses. At this point, they said, "He is not our dog!" But I guess somehow they decided to take responsibility for him and try to find the owner.

Bruno does have a tag with Rob's name and number on it, but it must have fallen off at some point. Thankfully the ladies tried to find Bruno's owner! And thankfully Bruno didn't ride the bus so far away that he would have been out of the scope of Rob's search!

***This story was relayed to me by my mom. When I get the actually details from Rob, I will make changes so the story is accurate.

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Mo said...

That is INSANE! I want to hear the full story as soon as you get details from Rob! Hilarious.