July 9, 2008

Our House.....

Is a very very fine house. With two cats in the yard.

Well, one cat at least. Chewy has survived some tough times lately. Her new cousin, Bruno, came for a visit for 2 weeks in June. He is a 35 lb Portuguese Water Dog. He is really super sweet. And honestly, I don't think that he even saw Chewy very much. His hair was shaggy and in his face a lot. And Chewy hid out. A lot. Actually, Ellis and I were in Florida when Rob and Bruno arrived, so she was just terrified and hid in the spare room, living in the boxes we had packed. My mom was worried when they had not seen her for about 3 days. Then, one night, my dad felt her walking on his leg while he was asleep. He looked up at her, she stared him in the eye. Then she jumped and ran away. She did it again the next night, too. When we finally came back from our trip, Ellis found her hiding deep in the boxes in the storage room. She reluctantly came out. She lost several lbs during her time in exile.

Throughout the rest of Bruno's visit, Chewy hid in our bedroom. By the last day of Bruno's stay, she was bold enough to sneak out and watch him from afar. I personally think he was still clueless and did not even know she was around.

Yesterday, my mom and dad hired movers to finish up getting their stuff out of the house. My mom reported to me that the movers kept the front door open most of the day and she was worried that Chewy would run out of the house. Backing up a bit, my mom wants Chewy to be her best friend. She plays with her, follows her around a bit, and gets scratched and bit in return. For some strange reason, Chewy just does not like my mom. Well, with the movers in and out so much, my mom decided to get Chewy to our bedroom so she wouldn't be a runner. She was hesitant to just pick Chewy up because she has some killer claws. So, she opted to pick her up by her scruff. From there, Chewy let out the most blood curdling cat scream. My mom said that she had never heard anything like it. Somehow, she got Chewy to our bedroom and secured her there for the rest of the move. After the scream, one of the movers asked my mom, "Is that cat going to attack us?" You never know my friend, you never know.

Last night, it was just me and Ellis and Chewy in our big, new house. The furniture is mostly gone. We sold our living room furniture and are in the process of buying some new. So, we only have a recliner and an end table in the living room. So there is a LOT of carpet. And Chewy loved it. All night we kept throwing her mouse toys and she would just tear across that carpet like mad. Then turn on a dime. I have never seen her so wound up!

I think she is going to like it.

Less furniture.

More carpet.

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