July 16, 2008

Speaking of Carpet....

There are some pretty great perks when your husband works as a sweet-ass designer for a huge carpet corporation. One is thatI get to take a day off from work and go have lunch with him at the Oakwood and have the best Mac N Cheese in the world (and I know, I am a conissour and try it everywhere)! Also, I get to look at the secret showroom that has the newest and coolest floor stuff to pick out for our new house.

Since our new house was originally built by my parents in the mid 80s, it shouldn't be a surprise that they were cutting edge and super hip with the style. So please enjoy the plush country blue carpet while we choose our new stuff! Actually, the carpet is still in good shape in some places. I mean, not neccessarily right in front of where the couch used to be. But, when you run across the room barefoot, the space UNDER where the couch used to be is super nice! And the area around where the formal dining room table was is pretty schweet. But, it is still blue. COUNTRY blue. But, fortunately for me, the kitchen countertops match perfectly! (We will get into that at a later date!)

So, my trip to the showroom yesterday helped solidify our choice for our new carpet. So, here is what we have in mind: Macabi in Bronze Door for the living room and in Khaki for the bedroom. And, by the way, it is no longer called SHAG, so get that out of your vocabulary! It is FRIEZE now, people! I think it will look good. And it will continue with my boring brown theme, at least according to Ellis. What do you think? Will shaggy brown work in our house? Do you think it is cool or crappy?

I also took a gander at some hardwood. And I fell in love with this floor! I think it is great! I think that the dark color will look great with our crown molding and windows. I think that changing the hardwood is pretty far down the list, but it is never to early to plan! Plus, I love to think about it, plan, and dream a little.

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