June 26, 2008

Our OTHER Nephew

Rob has a baby. He is 7 months old and is pretty hairy. And ADORABLE! Rob and Bruno came for a visit and we finally met our new nephew! (Our other nephew, Matthew, is coming for a visit in another 3 weeks or so.) Bruno is awesome! He is a Portuguese Water Dog, or PWD for short. They are a breed that traditionally do water work and they have a different type of hair so they don't shed like regular dogs. Rob has taken Bruno to the river on kayak and funyak trips and Bruno loves it!

Rob dropped Bruno off at the groomers yesterday and told us that she said he would be ready for pick up at 5. Ellis and I happened to be in the vicinity around 4:30 and decided to stop and see if he was ready. The groomer said that she would be finished by 5:30 or so, so we didn't get to take him home. But we did get to take a pic! He was so funny! His hair was brushed really straight around his face and then at that point, it was really short everywhere else! Our little mop dog was gone!

He is just an adorable and sweet pup!

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