June 24, 2008

The Box of Awesome!

Awww! I love the beach!

We just spent the week with the Burns/Fox family at Ocean East in Ormond Beach, FL. Most of the week AKB and I could be found by the pool worshiping the sun. I finished a Sophie Kinsella book and started my book club book, Captains and Kings. It has been a slow start, I kinda wish I had picked up a lighter read instead.

Anyway, one day while at the beach, Ellis decided that he needed to define our little spot. So he drew a rectangle around our chairs and labeled it "The Box of AWESOME." Yes, that is us. Later on, Jordan, AKB's niece, decided that she needed to change the name. It ended up being "The Box of Dorks" when it was all over. Sometimes being this awesome means that there has to be a little dork in there some where.

Later, Ellis decided that he needed to see how far he could dig into the sand. Basically, he stood in one spot and let the sand erode beneath him. He also shifted back and forth with little steps to help bury himself a little deeper.

We had a great time! Lots of scrimps, sand, and sun! Ellis and I are now thinking of ideas so we can always live a life of vacation. Playing the lotto and writing books. Those are our ideas so far. Maybe we can make it work out!

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Mo said...

Sounds like it was a fabulous trip! Lookin good in the bikin, you go girl!