August 22, 2008

My Second Love

Ellis will always be my first love. But I realized my second love this morning.

Imagine, two tall, shaggy guys who smell like cigarette smoke. They are wearing their work shirts, shorts, and those yellow-ish boots. They have tools and a ladder. And a van. And I think one of them has a mullet.

And they told Ellis that they don't have to cut down any trees to install our new Dish Network! This means that we will have our beloved Dish DVR again! No more annoying Charter that can't skip ahead in 30 second intervals. We will have 200 + hours of recording time IN TWO ROOMS!

We had Dish at our old house. And actually, in the spring we had them come out to the new house twice and both times they said there was no way they could put it in without interference because of the trees. And one of the problems was that one of the trees was on the edge of the side drive of the rental property next door. Since my parents moved to their new house and took Charter with them, we decided to give it one more try. My dad even took the day off so he could help cut down some trees if that was needed. But, when the two installers arrived, Ellis told them, "I will buy your dinner tonight if can install this without me having to cut down any trees." And TA-DA! I will have Dish at our house when I get home from work tonight!

I am ecstatic!

I told Ellis, "This is the best day of my life.... well, of the year... well, of the month? Oh, I had a lot of fun last Friday night.... This is the best moment of the morning!"

I love Dish! But not as much as I love Ellis!

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