January 31, 2008

All Crimes in Cleveland have been solved!

I had two headline options and am not sure which one is better. After you read the story, let me know what you think!

Option 1:
Apparently the Cleveland Police have solved all crime in Cleveland now....

Option 2:
Spinning Class can save you $60!


So, this morning, AKB and I were planning on going to a spinning class at the Y. The class starts a 5:15 am. We are "used" to getting up for our Mon/Wed/Fri 5 am class. I actually got up about 5 minutes earlier than I have been getting up. As I was walking out the door, I saw TWO police cars in front of our house. Sailor Pop's car was parked near our mailbox and my car was parked in the driveway. One police car was stopped by the mailbox with his lights shining on Sailor Pop's car. The other police car was parked diagonally across the street with his lights on the Mercedes. (He was basically blocked both lanes of the street.)

I stood at the door for a second, a little confused. I started walking towards the police car near the mailbox. I waved my little gloved hand at the officer (I wanted to make sure he saw me and knew that I wasn't a threat - I didn't want to be tased!) He acknowledged me, so I walked over to his car. I asked something like, "Is there a problem?" I was totally thinking that there was a break-in or something like that.

Police Officer: "Is this your car?"

Me: "Well, it is my grandfather's car. I know the tags have expired, but he passed away and our car is in the shop. So we have been driving his."

PO: "You shouldn't be parked on the sidewalk. If you move it, I won't give you a ticket."

Me: "I thought that was our property."

PO: "There is a city ordinance that you can't park on the sidewalk."

Me: "Ok, I will move it..... for the purpose of full disclosure (yes, I did say this at 5 am....fast on my feet!) I have lived here for seven years and have never had a problem with parking on the sidewalk."

I really don't remember what his reply was.....maybe something about the ordinance again. So, I ran inside and searched for Ellis's keys, then went ahead and drove the wagon to the Y.

So, if I had slept in, I would have totally had a ticket this morning.

AND, if there had bit a little more crime in Cleveland, they officers would have had something else to do instead of giving out a ticket for something I have been doing for SEVEN YEARS!

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