November 4, 2010

Don't Bite My Finger!

Over the last few months, a lot has been happening in the Hump Household. Hattie is crawling like crazy! Nothing is safe! Our house is now outfitted with baby gates and plugs for the electrical outlets. I think we have, to some extent, baby-proofed the house. Of course, there are still some areas that need some help (pillows are in front of the hearth and there is that one lamp cord that could easily be grabbed).

Something else Hattie has started is "talking." She has been saying Mama and Dada for a while. But she is working on some other initial sounds. She loves the digital clock on our nightstand. And she knows that a microwave has a clock on it, too. While at the Lyon's house a few weeks ago, she saw their microwave and said, "CLOCK!" But, the rest of the time, it is just "CCCCL." And Chewy the Kitty Cat is "KKKKK." Just this week, she was playing with a balloon and I said, "Don't make it pop!" And she started whispering, "Pop. Pop. Pop." I wracked my brain for other "P" words and came up with "Puffs." Which she loves to eat and now loves to whisper.

About two months ago, GrandBob was feeding Hattie a puff and as he put his finger near her mouth, he yanked her arm back real fast and said, "Ow! Don't bite my finger! Don't bite my finger!" Hattie thought this was hilarious! As a result, GrandBob often plays this little game with her while he feeds her. And sometimes the rest of us do, too.

Two weeks ago, Ellis started asking Hattie to give him a bite of her puffs (we always use these as the last part of her meal so she can have some time of self feeding). She would reach her hand out to give him a bite. Sometimes he would come away with a mushy puff, sometimes it was just a sticky little finger, and sometimes he would just pretend that he was eating something.

Last night, I was feeding my sweet little 10 1/2 month old baby. We had sweet potatoes and oatmeal, followed by peach yogurt. Then, I gave Hattie her favorite puffs. Ellis thinks they are one step away from being cheese puffs, they are that consistency, but not bright orange. Often, I give her the puffs so she can self feed and then I clean the kitchen or work on dinner. But last night, I just sat there and talked to her.

At one point, I said, "Give Mommy a bite!" She reached her little hand out, sticky fingers and puff, reaching towards me. As I was going in for the bite, she yanked her arms back, fast! I laughed and said, "Ow!" Hattie just squealed with delight! We played this little game for at least 10 minutes. She ate all of her puffs and was a happy little girl!

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Mo said...

So stinkin cute! Now we just gotta get her saying MO!