May 19, 2009

9.5 Weeks Along!

I am surprised that I am already 9 and a half weeks along! Well, actually, I am not EXACTLY sure how far along I am because I still haven't seen my doctor yet. This Thursday is the day! I have been checking out information on for pregnancy info and guidance. They have an on-line calculator that told us how far along I was. So we have been basing it on that.

The website has been really neat to follow. Every week it sends me an e-mail about how far along and what is going on with our baby. Here is what it says about week 9:

The embryo measures about 0.9 inches (2.3cm) to 1.2 inches (3cm) from crown to rump, or the size of a strawberry. The arms and legs are longer, and the fingers might be a little swollen where the touch pads are forming. The head is more erect and neck is more developed. Your baby now moves its body and limbs, and this movement can be visible during an ultrasound, but you won't be able to feel it yet.

Another site says that the baby is the size of a grape. Regardless, it is small but certainly growing!

This week I noticed that some of my pants that are normally loose are getting tighter. Almost uncomfortable. It is hard to think about a little grape or strawberry being big enough to make my pants get tight! When I told this to Ellis he said, "But your uterus is the size of a grapefruit!" Oh! Well, in that case, I can handle my pants getting tighter!


Doug said...

Congrats on your little grape! In France, you could call it a Champagne Baby, but in the states, you can only say a sparkling baby.

Tamara said...

Haha! Thanks! We are super excited! I just hope our little grape turns out to be as funny and smart as yours!