February 13, 2009

Carpet Installation!

We finally had the new carpet installed! YAY! It looks so different. I love it! It is all subdued, warm, and cozy! Here are some pics from the actual installation.

Here is the living room. Check out all the tools it takes to install carpet! Including this really hot iron thingy. It smelled just like a glue gun!

It was neat watching the sunlight come in on the carpet. The browns looks different at different times of the day, depending on the sun light.

I love how you can see the pattern in this shot. Ellis describes it as being like the weave in linen. I just think it is cool. I have never seen carpet like this before! And I love being unique!

This is the carpet in our bedroom. It is hard to see it in this pic. It is multicolored, light khaki mixed with browns. And it is a frieze. It is the new shag. I love it! Our room looks fantastic!

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Mo said...

YAY! Its already looking so GREAT! I cant wait to see it in real life. I think the aqua colored wallpaper you listed below will look really good with the browns. How exciting!