August 11, 2007

How Ellis Made Me Laugh So Hard I Cried - #438

As most of you know, Ellis will occasionally talk in his sleep. Whenever he does, I do my best to try to remember what he says so I can laugh about it all day. Last night's impartment of wisdom is no different. I hope you can enjoy the random-ness of this as much as I did:

In the middle of the night, Ellis said, "I'm Todd."

I rolled over and said, "You're Todd?"

He said, "I'm Todd."

I wanted to make sure I was hearing him right....because, he is obviously not Todd, so I said, "You're Todd?"

"I'm Todd............and I'm delicious."

A few seconds later, he was snoring again.

Then, as I am laying in bed laughing and repeating this over and over to myself, so I won't forget it, he rolls over towards me and says:

"You're Billy Jean. And you're delicious. Delicious BJ." Then he started snoring again.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

"Delicious BJ"....hmmmm, i think i've heard him so those words too.