June 23, 2007

How We Met

Once upon a time, there was girl. She was a hard worker, doing her little job, living in her little home, doing her little thing. She liked to have fun, but also had all sorts of rules and expectations to follow.

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He was fun loving, creative, and liked to make other people laugh. He worked with people, sharing his creativity. But, there was something missing.

One day, the girl went to the boy's job, with a simple job for him to work on. His eyes sparkled, his gait was happy, he was tall. And cute. She left thinking about him, glad that she wore her cute red and white skirt (maybe he had noticed).

A few days later, she had an e-mail from him. It was business related....but it was sent to her personal address. Soon, the boy was chatting and e-mailing with the girl. Lots of fun, lots of banter, a little flirting. The girl couldn't keep the smile off of her face. The boy was intrigued.

After talking for several weeks, the girl was bold and sassy and invited the boy to her house to share her favorite cocktail: Scarlett O'Hara. In an EXTRA bold move, the girl decided that having dinner ready for the boy would show off her womanly skills.

The boy was mesmerized by the girl. She had a lovely home, a strange little cat, and could make a mean drink! There was a little awkwarness, but talking and joking quickly made the evening more comfortable.

By the end of the evening, the girl was giggley and the boy's interest was piqued.

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